You’ve heard of habits that are bad for your health. What about harmful habits that destroy your dental health? Sugary candy and drinks, chewing on hard foods or things that aren’t food at all. These are no-no’s among dentists. But there are other habits that cause more harm than good when it comes to your teeth.


Using your teeth like tools

You’ve done it before: Using your teeth to cut open a plastic package or crack open a nutshell or, worse yet, open a bottle. Gah! When you use your teeth to do things that scissors or pliers are meant to do, you run the risk of cracking or chipping a tooth.

Next time your arms are full or you’re tempted to bite off a price tag on your new shirt, take the extra minute to find scissors. It just might save you an emergency trip to the dentist.

And next time you’re in our office, ask for one of our jar grippers to take home. It has imprinted on it what to do: Use this instead of your teeth.


Brushing too hard

What? Brushing too hard can actually cause harm? Yep. With brushing, harder is not better, whether a hard bristle brush or sawing away at your teeth. Rough brushing damages teeth and irritates gums. This can result in receding gums and notched roots.

Continue brushing two minutes twice a day, but remember to ‘massage’ your teeth rather than ‘scrub’ them. Check out our blog: How to Brush Your Teeth in 6 Steps. Easy going. Easy to do.


Nail biting

Not only does biting your nails negatively impact your nails and cuticles, but it can also chip teeth and negatively impact your jaw. A jaw in a protruded position for extended amounts of time can lead to joint problems and achy muscle aches. Keep your teeth health for food, not for pieces of yourself.

There are many habits that can pose a threat to your dental health, but addressing these three sneaky threats can help ensure healthy, strong teeth. Whether you need to instill new habits or break old, Dr. Drew & Crew are happy to help you get your smile to its best place!
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