Your baby’s teeth will start to come in (erupt) around age six months. However, there is a wide range of normal, so some babies have teeth erupting a few months earlier and others don’t have any come in until their first birthday. This shouldn’t be cause for concern; worry doesn’t bring the teeth in any sooner.

These baby teeth help your child speak, chew, and smile. They maintain space as the permanent teeth develop down inside the jaws. For these reasons, keep your child’s teeth clean and strong by brushing twice daily, giving them fluoridated water or fluoride vitamins, and scheduling regular check-ups.

Your baby may go through teething pains. Some babies become cranky or even have a low grade fever while teething, though other causes need to be ruled out first. Most teething comes with buckets of slobber. While teething, babies like to gnaw on things, especially things that are cool. It’s important to make sure they don’t have anything in their mouth that could cause a choking hazard or damage their gums or teeth.

Here’s a diagram to show what teeth show up first and which come in later:

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