November 1 is National Brush Day!

November 1 is National Brush Day!

Halloween is synonymous with candy! Kids dress up as anything they want and we reward them with sweets. Go figure. Some worry about the antics that are played on the 31st, but they should be concerned more about the treats than the tricks.

National Brush Day is November 1st, a reminder to keep up your oral health. It follows Halloween because of the literal metric tons of candy consumed the days and weeks following the holiday. What better time to be reminded!

Yes, candy is amazing. Here’s a secret that allows you to keep eating candy for years to come: Common sense oral health! The problem isn’t necessarily candy or sugar, but how the bacteria in your mouth breaks down those sugars. Harmful bacteria feed on the sugar and create acids that eat away the teeth, first destroying the outer enamel layer of your tooth. Using the acids, the bacteria burrow deeper into your tooth causing pain and possible tooth loss.

No one wants to cut sugar out of their diet, so here are some preventative recommendations:

  • Eat less sugar, desserts with meals are better than continual snacking.
  • Consume a healthy diet of fibrous fruits and veggies.
  • Drink plenty of water (water with fluoride is recommended).
  • Brush and floss your teeth daily.

Halloween only happens once a year. But oral health is a year-round practice. Enjoy your treats in moderation and be mindful of your teeth.

Gum Care Month

Gum Care Month

Autumn!  Leaves are changing.  But that doesn’t mean your teeth have to change with the season.  How are trees and teeth similar?  They both look beautiful when they are healthy, and they both stay healthy by having a strong foundation.  In this case, just like the soil around a tree, your gums are the foundation!

Keeping your gums healthy leads to beautiful, strong teeth.  Gum disease can be prevented by just following a few simple methods.  Regular dental check-ups, brushing, flossing, avoid tobacco.  Talk to us in the office for specifics regarding your gums.

Providing your gums with clean water, healthy and nutritious food, and proper dental cleanliness will help not only your oral health but your wallet for when you go to the dentist!  Celebrate Gum Care Month with us and create a strong foundation with your gums.

The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy

Childhood is beautiful. Full of wonder, excitement, and new experiences. The mysteries of the world to discover. And what is more mysterious to a child than the Tooth Fairy?

August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day, a kick-off to the start of the school year. The magic behind children’s teeth has been a part of legend as early as the 1200’s in Norse and Northern European traditions. The Tooth Fairy tradition is traced to 1908 in the Chicago Daily Tribune. The newspaper told children to place their baby teeth underneath their pillow, and – Presto, Chango! – overnight the Tooth Fairy came bearing gifts.

Children are in a constant state of development. I encourage you, whether you buy into the Tooth Fairy or not, to engage with your child in the wonder of growth and change in each and every loose baby tooth.

Protect Your Smile from Chlorine This Summer!

Protect Your Smile from Chlorine This Summer!

Fireflies are out, lawn mowers are running and the water is cool. Summer is in full swing! Time to get out the swim trunks and hop in the pool. Make sure to apply sunscreen, spray on the bug repellent and keep your teeth bright and healthy with some helpful water tips.

We encounter chlorine on a daily basis. It comes from your tap and is used in pools and hot tubs. The levels of chlorine are regulated heavily by the EPA and your local water provider to provide you with a safe and reliable source of clean drinking water. Chlorine is used to disinfect and kill germs that you would otherwise encounter. But should you worry about the amount of chlorine you ingest?

The short answer, no! Chlorine is great for keeping you and your loved ones safe from waterborne illnesses, and it is used in almost every public pool, hot tub or spa. The issue comes from over exposure. If you swim daily or use a hot tub or pool regularly throughout the summer you should take light precautions. Over chlorinated water can cause erosion to your teeth enamel, that protective layer that keeps your teeth healthy and white! Your risk can be greatly reduced if you follow some simple tips:

  • Swim with your eyes and mouth closed. Some water will seep into your mouth and that’s ok! Just avoid drinking the water you swim/relax in.
  • Check your pool’s ph and make sure it’s up to regulation standards.

The CDC has a great little guide to help you recognize the signs for a safe body of water to cool off in!

Summer time is when we can relax, stretch those limbs and show off our smiles. Enjoy your time by the water and be mindful of these helpful tips.

Save Your Tooth Month

Save Your Tooth Month

There are many different medical facets that make up your overall health. When taking a look at your healthy lifestyle, it’s important to remember that a healthier mouth means a healthier you! This is why we’re proud to celebrate “Save Your Tooth Month” every May. This awareness month was set up by the American Association of Endodontics (AAE) to “emphasize the need for patients to get back on track with their oral health and see a specialist when there is tooth pain” (Dentistry Today.) You only get one set of adult teeth in life so it’s important that you take care of them the best you can!

Saving Natural Teeth

The best way you can save and care for your natural teeth is by implementing routine care:

  • Bi-annual dentist visits
  • Daily brushing – twice a day
  • Daily flossing
  • Monitor any pain or discomfort

Paying attention to these key items can help increase the strength of your teeth for the years to come. If you start to feel discomfort or pain in your teeth, even if you think it’s just mild, it’s important to call your dentist to schedule a visit sooner rather than later to ensure there aren’t larger issues occurring.

Other Helpful Tips

At Dr. Drew and Crew, we like to give our patients the tools and resources they need to succeed which is why we continually update our website with content on how you can best care for your oral health. Learn more through some of the various topics below: