For some, going back to school is a refreshing sense of structure. For others, gathering materials, supplies, meeting teachers and classmates can bring an entire sense of newness to the once-regulated routine. Either way, there’s one thing you won’t have to worry about this back-to-school season: Knowing your dental team! Just as you meet and get to know your teachers every school year, here’s a warm welcome to your dental staff!


Dr. Ellenwood, DDS, Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Drew Samuel Ellenwood, DDS, was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK and graduated from the University of Oklahoma, College of Dentistry in 1986. In 1987, he moved to Fort Smith to practice dentistry. Dr. Ellenwood enjoys a wide variety of hobbies including biking, gardening, reading, movies, and music. He is also quite the writer and has written three yet-to-be-published novels! Click here to visit his author website.


Amanda Taylor, RDH, Hygienist

Growing up in Searcy, Arkansas, Amanda graduated from Harding University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. She was Dr. Ellenwood’s dental assistant in 2000 and then graduated with her Associate of Dental Hygiene from the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith in 2005. After graduating, she returned to Dr. Ellenwood’s practice as his full-time hygienist. Amanda is known for her contagious humor, laughter, and love for her husband, daughter, and three dogs!


Jennifer Ables, RDA, Dental Assistant

A lifelong resident of Van Buren, Arkansas, Jennifer is the dental assistant that’ll take care of you start to finish while translating all of Dr. Ellenwood’s dental lingo into English. She became a Registered Dental Assistant in 2004 and has been on the Crew since 2003. Whether it’s vacationing on the beach or camping on the lake, Jennifer will gladly vacation anywhere with a large body of water!


Michelle Palmer, RDA, Patient Care Manager

From scheduling your appointment, consulting your suggested treatment, or making financial arrangements, Michelle is dedicated to helping each person! She’s been working with Dr. Ellenwood since 1994 and has been a Registered Dental Assistant since 1993. Born and raised in Fort Smith, Michelle now lives in Greenwood, Arkansas, and is known for her dedicated Black Friday shopping and ability to personalizing any item on a restaurant menu.


Debbie Eden, CNA, Patient Resources Coordinator

Debbie’s bright personality sure does match her sunny Southern California roots! She joined Dr. Ellenwood in 2014 after moving to Arkansas in 2010 and continues to be a balanced force of kindness and professionalism when it comes to working with patients and insurance companies. If you have any questions regarding your account or insurance, she is your go-to person. Be sure to ask Debbie about the chase of a three-legged dog; you’ll be sure to get a laugh!


To learn more about Dr. Drew and Crew, be sure to visit the about Dr. Drew and the crew page!
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