Would you like whiter, brighter teeth? Are you afraid it’s going to cost a fortune? Have you tried products from the store that flatly did not work? Never fear, Dr. Drew and Crew are here!

The success of any whitening solution is a function of concentration, duration on enamel, and proximity to the teeth. Got that? With this in mind, check out these options for whitening. We’ll start with the most expensive and work down from there. You may be surprised the most expensive option is not what we recommend.

1.  In-Office Whitening
This is a fast, but costly option. The appointment is easy – you sit with your mouth stretched out and wait for the bleach to do its work on your teeth. The results of in-office whitening are less than impressive. I do not recommend this option as the cost outweighs the lack-luster results.

*2. Custom Whitening
Custom whitening is relatively fast and quite effective. The magic is in the higher concentration of bleach available (as compared to over-the-counter products) and the close contact of the bleach to the teeth that is achieved through delivery trays custom made for your teeth. This drives the whiteners in and the stains out.

The procedure is simple. We take impressions of your upper and lower teeth in order to make clear plastic trays that fit your mouth only. We send you home with the whitening solution that you will apply into the trays. The trays with solution go into your mouth for about an hour. Do this a couple of times a day for two weeks and your upper teeth will be brilliant. The lower takes a bit longer, so continue for a total of six weeks. Keep your trays so you can touch up yearly for a day or two if needed.

3.  Over-the-Counter Whitening Strips
You can buy these at the drugstore.  They are less expensive than custom whitening but will take quite a bit longer to get the same results since the solution’s concentration is weaker and the strips are not custom to your mouth.

4. Whitening Toothpastes
Don’t use these if you’re in a hurry. The problem here is time. The whitening treatment is just not on your teeth long enough.

No whitening method can bleach crowns, fillings, or decay. Give us a call for an appointment to discuss your particular case. A whiter, brighter smile is within your reach!