Healthy oral hygiene can be challenging whenever routine is changed, and there’s no doubt that a “normal routine” looks vastly different these days. Throw summertime into the mix and it may feel as though there is hardly any routine at all! As challenging as it might be for us adults to stay consistent in daily practices, it can be even more challenging for children and teens who are experiencing a whole new type of “summer schedule.” When it comes to the inconsistent schedules of summer, having your kids stay on top of their oral hygiene schedule will help prevent issues down the road.

So how do I make sure my kids – and myself – keep good oral health?
We have a couple of tips to keep in mind!

Stay Hydrated with H2O
During the hot months, it’s easy to crave the fizzy, bubbly, sugary drinks throughout the day. Even though these treats taste good at the moment, they cause more harm than good. Sugary drinks contain acids that soften the enamel of the teeth and increase the risk of cavities and tooth decay. Reaching for water throughout the day keeps your body hydrated while also fighting dry mouth, promotes a cleaner mouth, causes fresher breath, and helps develop stronger teeth.

Don’t Skip on Nighttime Brushing
Whether you’re camping, visiting family, getting home late from the lake, or any other activity leading to a late-night of exhaustion, don’t skip on the brushing. It may take a little more effort to get everyone’s teeth brushed before heading to bed, but our old nemesis tooth decay keeps looking to attack teeth whether you’re tired or not. By maintaining a faithful bed-time brushing routine, you’ll instill a habit that’ll be difficult to break no matter what the day had in store!

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