‘Tis the season for Christmas music, decorations, the hopes of snow days, and holiday cheer. With the cool start to December, the holiday celebrations are in full swing! With plenty of upcoming opportunities for smiles and laughter, Dr. Drew and Crew is wishing you a very happy holiday season. We know there’s a lot of pressure to fill the stockings and place gifts under the tree, so we’re here to help with some gift ideas that help maintain those pearly whites!


Give the gift of healthy smiles

From enjoying the holidays with family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors, there’s a lot to be grateful for during this time of year. Are you grateful for your healthy smile? Having strong teeth allow you to enjoy your favorite holiday meals, continually talk to loved ones, and smile in all the upcoming family pictures! Whether your teeth are in tip-top shape, or need a little bit of love and care, giving the gift of a healthy smile (for someone else OR yourself!) can help improve overall oral care.

The holidays come with countless baked goods and sugary candy, and as much as we love them, they’re not always the best for our teeth. Below is our list of stocking stuffers that can help keep your teeth merry and white this holiday season!


Stocking Stuffers

  1. A new toothbrush
  2. Whitening toothpaste
  3. Flavored floss
  4. Mouthwash
  5. Travel toothbrush cover
  6. Sugar-free gum
  7. A little toy (instead of candy!)

From our team to you, we hope your holidays are full of happiness, love, and bright smiles all around!

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