Halloween is synonymous with candy! Kids dress up as anything they want and we reward them with sweets. Go figure. Some worry about the antics that are played on the 31st, but they should be concerned more about the treats than the tricks.

National Brush Day is November 1st, a reminder to keep up your oral health. It follows Halloween because of the literal metric tons of candy consumed the days and weeks following the holiday. What better time to be reminded!

Yes, candy is amazing. Here’s a secret that allows you to keep eating candy for years to come: Common sense oral health! The problem isn’t necessarily candy or sugar, but how the bacteria in your mouth breaks down those sugars. Harmful bacteria feed on the sugar and create acids that eat away the teeth, first destroying the outer enamel layer of your tooth. Using the acids, the bacteria burrow deeper into your tooth causing pain and possible tooth loss.

No one wants to cut sugar out of their diet, so here are some preventative recommendations:

  • Eat less sugar, desserts with meals are better than continual snacking.
  • Consume a healthy diet of fibrous fruits and veggies.
  • Drink plenty of water (water with fluoride is recommended).
  • Brush and floss your teeth daily.

Halloween only happens once a year. But oral health is a year-round practice. Enjoy your treats in moderation and be mindful of your teeth.