Crooked teeth?  Slight underbite?  Ugly spaces? An improved smile is within your reach!  Dr. Drew and Crew is proud to offer orthodontic services to our patients. To provide the best possible care, we have a three-step process before braces installation.

Step 1:  The Orthodontic Opinion

Think of this appointment as the ‘kick-off’ to your orthodontic journey.  Dr. Ellenwood will personally provide you with a general overview of your orthodontic options.  This appointment is of no charge.

Step 2:  The Orthodontic Work-Up

The Orthodontic Work-Up is the data-gathering appointment.  We’ll get together information needed to correctly diagnose and create a treatment plan.  The Work-Up includes an orthodontic examination, orthodontic photos, diagnostic impressions of both upper and lower teeth, and two orthodontic X-rays:  A Panorex, around the head and a Cephalometric, from the side of the head. These X-rays show the relation of the teeth within the jaws, the relation of both jaws to each other, and the relation of all these to the face. 

Step 3:  The Orthodontic Consultation

About three weeks after the Work-Up is the Consultation.  At this appointment, Dr. Ellenwood will discuss the overall objectives of your treatment and a course of action.  Here is when we encourage our patients to ask questions! We want to make sure you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your personal orthodontic treatment plan.  Also, this is when you can appoint for starting orthodontics and you can set up payment arrangements. The Orthodontic Consult is included in the Work-Up cost.

Dr. Ellenwood uses a method of straightening teeth called Tip-Edge, a special bracketing system that tips the teeth to tip to the desired positions then proceeds to move the roots to their final positions.  This movement helps to keep heavy stresses off the anchor molars and correct difficult bites.

We would be happy to discuss your desires and determine if we could help you or if you would need the attention of a specialist.  Just think, a winning smile is within your reach!
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