Making their first debut among Hollywood actors in the late 1920s, dental veneers were created to give actors and actresses the perfect smile. Around the 1980s, veneers expanded to local dental offices and are now one of the most popular smile beautification options around.


What are Veneers?

A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain or composite used to recreate the natural look of teeth. Contrary to the ultra-white, overly-perfect, big veneers seen in the mid-1900s, veneers have adopted a more natural look. Using high-quality porcelain and other veneer materials, Dr. Drew and Crew can create perfect fit over your teeth for a more flawless look. The treatment is a great option for individuals who are wanting:

      • A brighter and whiter smile
      • Closing gaps between teeth
      • Covering irregularly-shaped teeth
      • Leveling teeth length for a more uniform smile


Options to Veneers

For your smile, other options may be available, such as, orthodontics or whitening. See these in our other blogs:




Post-Placement Care

Taking care of your teeth after receiving veneers hardly looks any different than your current oral hygiene routine. To increase the longevity and health of the veneers, we recommend a continuation of proper brushing and flossing. Veneers require care on incising such as avoiding apples, hard carrots, sticky candy, and ice. Staying up to date with your routine dentist visits to Dr. Drew and Crew will also ensure professional assessment of how your veneers and the teeth holding them are doing.


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