Philosophy of Care

Drew Samuel Ellenwood, DDS, PLLC exists to serve the dental needs of its patients with integrity, compassion, and quality.


We strive to be honest, forthright, just, and equitable in dealing with patients, each other, and support personnel from other businesses, whether in the treatment room, on the phone, or at the front office. We seek to inform and educate our patients regarding diagnosis, treatment, options, prognosis, and prevention. We involve our patients in their treatment decisions and in keeping their accounts with our office in good order.


Effectiveness includes two components: quality and efficiency. We want our service and product to be of the highest quality we can offer and performed in the most efficient manner possible while maintaining this quality.


To be personable includes being compassionate, helpful, empathetic, and peaceable. In our relationship with patients, staff, and others, we want to listen and discern, educate and learn, relax and connect.


The highest standard of infection control and cleanliness is a goal we perpetually work toward, never letting up. Cleanliness not only pertains to clinical areas but also to business and personal areas and even individual appearance. True effectiveness and cleanliness is also organized. We seek to gain and maintain order in office and clinic, in treatment and records, in scheduling and duties, in policies and finances.


We work to serve the patient as we would like to be served. This business does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, or disability. We desire to treat each patient with respect and compassion; to pay attention to the patient’s needs, comfort, and desires; to listen and observe.