Fireflies are out, lawn mowers are running and the water is cool. Summer is in full swing! Time to get out the swim trunks and hop in the pool. Make sure to apply sunscreen, spray on the bug repellent and keep your teeth bright and healthy with some helpful water tips.

We encounter chlorine on a daily basis. It comes from your tap and is used in pools and hot tubs. The levels of chlorine are regulated heavily by the EPA and your local water provider to provide you with a safe and reliable source of clean drinking water. Chlorine is used to disinfect and kill germs that you would otherwise encounter. But should you worry about the amount of chlorine you ingest?

The short answer, no! Chlorine is great for keeping you and your loved ones safe from waterborne illnesses, and it is used in almost every public pool, hot tub or spa. The issue comes from over exposure. If you swim daily or use a hot tub or pool regularly throughout the summer you should take light precautions. Over chlorinated water can cause erosion to your teeth enamel, that protective layer that keeps your teeth healthy and white! Your risk can be greatly reduced if you follow some simple tips:

  • Swim with your eyes and mouth closed. Some water will seep into your mouth and that’s ok! Just avoid drinking the water you swim/relax in.
  • Check your pool’s ph and make sure it’s up to regulation standards.

The CDC has a great little guide to help you recognize the signs for a safe body of water to cool off in!

Summer time is when we can relax, stretch those limbs and show off our smiles. Enjoy your time by the water and be mindful of these helpful tips.