When you hear the word “dental hygiene,” you probably always think of those pearly white teeth. But our gums are equally as important when it comes to taking care of our oral health. Gums help protect the teeth, but the health of your gums can impact other health conditions you might have. This September, let’s take a closer look at how we can properly care for our gums. 

Gum Care

Maintaining a consistent dental hygiene routine is the best way to fight against gum disease! We strongly recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each and flossing your teeth thoroughly. Doing so will help keep your mouth fresh and clean while minimizing harmful bacteria that can sit on teeth and gums. Keep in mind that a more forceful brushing isn’t always better and can cause potential harm to gums. Brushing teeth and gums too aggressively can cause inflammation, damage, and bleeding of the gums. 

Gum Disease 

We took a look at how we can maintain good gum care which ultimately helps us fight gum disease. Gum diseases are caused by types of harmful bacteria that live in a film called “dental plaque.” If this plaque is not properly cleaned each day, the bacteria collected on the teeth right above and below the gum line can eventually harden into “tartar.” Once the oral bacteria reaches this level, it can only be professionally removed by a dentist. 

Gum Warning Signs

Even when we do our best to fight bacteria build-up, sometimes our gums need a little tender love and care from a dental professional. If you are experiencing any of the following, it’s probably a good time to make a special visit to the dentist to receive personalized care to keep your gums healthy!

  • Your gums appear swollen and/or red in certain spots
  • Your gums might feel tender when you brush them 
  • You notice your gums are bleeding easily 
  • You notice your gums are pulling away from your teeth 

Your complete oral health is important to us at Dr. Drew & Crew. If you are experiencing any gum discomfort or have questions, our team is here to help! 


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