Experiencing problems with bad breath?  Follow these steps to get that ‘Ahh fresh’ feeling!

1.  Brush & Floss
The first step to eliminating bad breath is to get your mouth clean and germ free. This is easily accomplished by brushing your teeth morning and night and flossing daily. Brushing and flossing physically remove the plaque that causes bad breath. All that plaque is good for is eating away at your teeth and upsetting your gums. When brushing, remember to use a toothpaste approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). If your toothpaste is ADA approved, it will have a seal on the tube like the one pictured to the right.

2.  Use the Proper Mouth Rinse
Don’t use just any rinse! Pick up an antiseptic mouth rinse that actually kills bacteria. Rinse after brushing and flossing by swishing the product around your teeth and giving it a little gargle. This allows the rinse to target whatever you’ve missed instead of being overwhelmed with layers of germs. We recommend using a product like Listerine or an equivalent.

3.  Get a Dental Check-Up
Yeah dude, a check-up. A check-up will determine if decay or gum disease is contributing to your breath problem and will allow your dentist to recommend treatment options.

4.  Brush Your Tongue
Brushing your tongue can sometimes help bad breath, especially if you’ve been sick. You don’t need toothpaste for the tongue, simply a brush.

5.  Drink Water
Water hydrates and cleanses the mouth. A dry mouth harbors bacteria easier. You should especially drink water if you’ve been talking for an extended period of time. When I say ‘water,’ I mean water. Beverages like soda, juice, or coffee will not have the same effect.

6.  Eat Breakfast
Breakfast settles the stomach and gets those salivary glands working. After breakfast, be sure to brush and rinse.

7.  Eat Yogurt
Yogurt that contains live, active cultures replenishes the gut with helpful bacteria. This, in turn, freshens the breath. After having a round of antibiotics, it is good to bring balance back to the force – the force of good bacteria that is.

8.  Treat Sinus & Stomach Issues
Sinus drainage or stomach problems can lead to bad breath. See your physician to treat the source if you have trouble in either of these areas.

9.  Avoid Tobacco & Alcohol
Frankly, neither tobacco nor alcohol is healthy for your body or your mind and both can wreak havoc on your breath. Find something else to do.