How to Floss in 4 Easy Steps

How to Floss in 4 Easy Steps


Not That Kind of Wrap photo credit: allerleirau via photopin cc

1. Wrap

You can do it!  Take about 12 to 18 inches of floss.  Wrap the floss around the middle fingers of each hand, though more floss on one hand than the other, leaving about 3 inches between hands.  Use your index fingers and thumbs to pinch about an inch of taut floss.  As the floss becomes soiled take it up on the hand that started with less floss and give your teeth the clean floss.

2. Guide

Time to get to the mouth.  Work the floss gently between two teeth.  Watch it!  Don’t pop the floss; this will hurt your gums.  You know floss can cut cake, so misused, it can cut you.  It’s a wonder they let it on airplanes

3. Clean

Now stay with me here.  Once between the teeth, wrap the floss against one tooth in a ‘c’ shape and move the floss up and down in gentle strokes.  Gentle now!  Come back over the gums but not out from between the teeth and wrap around the other tooth.  Don’t shoe-shine the teeth with back and forth motions.  Use up and down strokes only.  Once finished with those two teeth, take a breath and proceed until all the teeth are flossed.

It doesn’t take that long, so don’t gripe.  Remember to floss the back of the last tooth; even though it’s the last tooth, the brush can’t turn the corner, so floss is needed.  Use your fingers to get to all areas and keep the floss tight.  Don’t try to stick your hand in your mouth.  And don’t cross your hands.

It all sounds much more complicated than it is.  Hurray!  You did it!


Not That Kind of Floss photo credit: meg’s my name via photopin cc

4. Habit

It takes about a week to get the hang of it, after which your gums should not bleed unless you’re being too aggressive.  Start by flossing only on the days you go to work or school.  Then of course you’ll want to floss for Jesus on Sundays.  If you get six days a week under your belt, we’ll give you the other day as your Sabbath rest from floss.

Bad habits are easy to start, but good habits take a bit of work.  It’s hard to cut out a bad habit, but a good habit is mostly easy to drop.  That said, once you’re use to flossing, you won’t want to go back to furry teeth.

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