Finding a new dentist, or any health care provider for that matter, can sometimes be a daunting task.  You want a team of professionals that will care and look after you with your best interest in mind while also feeling like your concerns are being heard and addressed.  We completely understand!  Service and care may look different from dentist to dentist, but if you’re looking for someone new, we suggest keeping an eye out for these top five things:

  1. Ethical Practices:  You want to be sure that the office you go to is honest, forthright, just, and equitable in dealing with patients, team members, and support personnel.   This is a tell-tell sign of an office with a strong foundation.
  2. Effectiveness:  Does the office appear to provide effective care without jeopardizing the quality?  This is an important factor to consider to ensure that you are heard, cared for, and treated well during your visits.
  3. Personability:  Feeling comfortable is one of the most important things when it comes to your dental health needs!  If you feel connected to your dentist and hygienist, you’ll be able to relax and trust their work.
  4. Cleanliness:  The highest standard of health care services is the cleanness of space.  The year 2020 taught the general public the importance of routine disinfecting and caution, something a good dental office already knew and practiced.
  5. Service:  Take a look at the customer services provided within the office and out.  Are your appointments being checked up on?  Are procedures and changes being communicated to you?  Is the team being transparent with you?  This expectation of service helps you feel empowered as a patient while knowing you’re receiving the best care you can.

Here at Dr. Drew and Crew, we strive for all of our patients to feel confident and safe before, during, and after all appointments. Our philosophy of care guides our team to serve the dental needs of its patients with integrity, compassion, and quality.

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A few kind words about Dr. Drew and Crew:

“I absolutely hate going to the dentist, but Dr. Drew & Crew are so fun that I actually look forward to my dental visits! Dr. Drew is very charismatic and actually listens to my concerns. The front staff is also excellent, very efficient yet friendly at the same time. I cannot recommend Dr. Drew & Crew highly enough!” -Gabrielle K.

“Wonderful place! Could not recommend it more. Dr. Ellenwood and his staff are wonderful.” -Lucy W.