Top Ten Dental Products

Here are some dental products that have impressed your dentist.

1. Tip-Edge Brackets

These brackets allow the teeth to tip into place then allow auxiliaries to move the roots to the proper position.  It may not sound like much, but the tipping process doesn’t tax the anchor molars and helps correct bites quickly with only a small amount of force.

2. Neutramaxx Toothpaste

This is five times more powerful than regular, over-the-counter toothpaste and gives a great punch toward preventing cavities and decreasing sensitivity.  It is not for children under six years of age.

3. Opalescence Bleach

The product for whitening your smile.  We start you with a custom bleach tray, and then at home, you apply Opalescence inside the tray, insert over teeth, and let the whitening begin!

4. Triumph Toothbrush

If you’re serious about tackling or preventing gum disease, this is the power toothbrush for you.  The bristles do the work as you slowly move it around your teeth.  After two minutes, the timer gives you a smiley face!  At your six month check-up, the hygienist gives you her smiley face.

5. Peridex Rinse

This rinse soothes mouth sores and irritated gums with its gently cleansing.  Look for it in the mouthwash aisle.  Ahh.

6. Aquasil

This product gives fantastically accurate impressions for crowns and bridges.  A great improvement over the old, smelly rubber base that I used in dental school.

7. Miracle Mix

O, the wonders of Miracle Mix.  This product is use for core buildups underneath crowns.  It bonds, it releases fluoride, it views easily, it rocks!

8. Peak Bonding

The best of bonding for those finicky tooth-colored fillings in back teeth.  This is one of the several advances in the science of fillings that have made posterior composites (tooth-colored fillings) much more predictable and serviceable.

9. Glass Ionomer

This product is the father of Miracle Mix.  We can use it in various forms as an insulating base under deep fillings; as a cement for crowns, bridges, and orthodontic bands; and as a root filling if needed.

10. Amalgam

Yeah, the old tried and true silver filling.  This has been a filling material for over 150 years.  Strong, durable, predictable, and long-lasting.