1. Floss

Of course, this is number one.  A simple string with a mission for helping not only your oral health but your entire health, as studies are showing.  One time a day, takes a minute.  Just do it!  Once in the habit, you’ll not want to go back to “furry teeth.”

Your Health

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2. Movement

The body was made to move.  A bit of exercise will keep you going.  Walk, bike, garden, swim, whatever.

3. High Fiber

Oats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables: All these are sources of fiber to keep your blood and digestive systems healthy.

4. Sleep

Not enough sleep is a health killer.  Find your need and give yourself a regular time to go to bed and to get up.

5. Seat Belts

Don’t drive or ride without these proven lifesavers.  Click it and don’t text while driving.

6. Tobacco Free

Tobacco – whether smoked, dipped, or chewed – leads to cancer, heart disease, vascular disease, and poor oral health.  Ask your doctor for help to kick the habit.

7. Low Sugar

Enough with the sugar, America!  A little is okay, but all the time?  Find snacks and drinks that you enjoy but don’t contain sugar.  Too much sugar will rot your teeth out of your head and rot your soul out of your body.

8. Work

Got to work to eat.  Work also keeps the brain active.  Work is our contribution to our fellow humans, to our family, and to ourselves.

Your Health

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9. Leisure

The brain and body need time to relax and recharge.  Read a book, watch a movie, take up a hobby, practice a sport, or take up a musical instrument.  Why not?  Live a little.

10. Check-ups

Just as the teeth need check-ups, so does the rest of your body.  Team up with your medical professionals to prevent disease, head off problems, or fight the good fight.