Save Your Teeth

Good Food photo credit: faith goble via photopin cc

1. Eating

This is what teeth were made for.  Eating is never the same with dentures.  As Dr. John Udouj use to say:  Dentures are not a substitute for teeth; they’re a substitute for no teeth.

2. Smiling

Uh… smiling with no teeth is not so pretty.

3. Speaking

There are many sounds that the mouth makes using the teeth.  The teeth also maintain a nice vault for a good tone in speaking or singing.

4. Maintaining the FaceSave Your Teeth

Without teeth, the bones of the jaws don’t have much reason to stay around.  As the bones shrink, the nose and chin become closer together, the lips collapse, and the face suffers.

5. Digesting

Chewing is the first step in digestion.  Don’t let your stomach wonder what happened up there.

6. Maintaining Bone

Jaw bones shrink without teeth and can become so thin that they are prone to fracture and difficult to construct dentures upon.

7. Avoiding Dentures

Believe me, if you think getting rid of teeth is getting rid of problems, then try dentures.  That’s when the real problems begin.

8. Maintaining Space

When a tooth is removed, the others shift to try to fill in the space.  Problem is they don’t do this in a nice, orderly fashion.  The teeth will tilt and turn and super-erupt and generally mess up the bite.  This shifting creates hiding places for plaque to build up causing cavities and gum disease

9. Saving Money

Replacing teeth many times ends up more expensive than saving the tooth in the first place.

10. Avoiding Trouble

All the above troubles can be avoided by maintaining teeth with good oral hygiene, a good diet, and regular check-ups.  Don’t believe us?  Ask your teeth.